How we Operate!


We have arguably the lowest client attrition rate in the business. Customers stay with us for a reason. Primarily because we do an excellent job and our communication is second to none. When you become a customer, you receive the owner’s personal cell phone number and the supervisor’s cell phone number. Therefore, you can call us directly or simply leave a voice mail at our office. You can also communicate with us via email. Communication is essential and if you don’t get one of us immediately, your call will be returned within an hour if not sooner. No exceptions.


Our employees are thoroughly screened and trained. We understand our employees are the foundation of our business and we reward success. Anyone can empty a barrel but do they replace the liners or clean the barrel if necessary? Our employees are trained to do that. Anyone can vacuum a room but when they move your chair to vacuum underneath your desk do they return it to its proper position? Our employees are trained to do that. Our employees are also trained to turn in lost jewelry, money or anything which may be considered valuable. They also will report any issues they encounter such as alarm problems, security breaches (such as open windows or unlocked doors), leaky faucets, broken toilets, or faulty lights.


In order to ensure customer satisfaction, we at New England Industrial Cleaners make certain the offices or buildings we service are inspected on a regular basis. For those accounts that are large enough, we implement an on-site supervisor in addition to an area supervisor who will inspect the premises regularly.

Bonded & Insured

New England Industrial Cleaners, Inc is bonded and carries Workman’s Compensation and Liability Insurance on all projects.

Competitive Pricing / Free Estimates

In order to attract business, we must stay competitive. However, we will not engage in unreasonably low service charges in order to win a customer. This practice has become rampant in our industry and property managers, facilities managers and even office managers must be aware that if you hire a janitorial company with a price that looks too good to be true, well you know the rest. Some janitorial companies are either reducing the amount of time allocated to clean a job properly and/or reducing their employee’s hourly pay. This affects the people cleaning your facility and will directly affect the cleanliness of your office or building.

Ultimately, the customer suffers and the great price you thought you got, cost you time, energy and aggravation. Nobody wants to take grief from their co-workers because the cleaning company they hired is not vacuuming their space, emptying their bucket, locking their door, dusting their office, or cleaning the restrooms properly. If you’ve dealt with cleaning companies before, you already know this. If you haven’t, don’t learn the hard way. Take “worrying about your office cleaning” out of your job description and let us do it for you.


NEIC has been my cleaning company of choice for over eight years and not only is their service exceptional but their response time is immediate if I have any special requests or wish to set up additional services. I stopped taking calls from other providers because I’ve tried many others before and NEIC is the best out there.

Karen s. - facilities manager

New England Industrial Cleaners has been servicing my locations for six years and I would highly recommend them to anyone searching for a reliable and responsive janitorial service.

ben t. - operations manager

I have dealt with several cleaning companies over the years but NEIC has not only met but exceeded my expectations. Their employees that clean my building are courteous with my staff and on those rare occasions when I do have a concern my call is taken immediately and the problem is rectified that night. No more chronic problems with my office cleaning which allows me to focus on other more pressing issues.

peter b - facilities manager

My company grew from a small three office suite to a large building and we took NEIC along for the ride and glad we did. They were there for us during the transition from the vacancy clean-up of our old space to a post construction clean-up of our new space and now serve as our nightly janitorial staff. Never disappointed and always treated in a professional manner whenever I need anything. The best!.

evie l. - office manager